Why hire business consultants for your nonprofit organization?

Business consultants are trained to identify your nonprofit organization’s needs and plan for growth. They are the key to knowing when and how your nonprofit organization can address development head on.

You have the budget available

Business consultants and management consultants can work for your business for an hour, week, or months at a time. Making consulting services available to large and small nonprofit organizations, we’re flexible to fit your budgets, resources and timelines.

Use the expert eye on your team

Bring specialist experience into any part of your business. Achieve objectives faster with the clear and impartial vision that comes from an outsider perspective. Georgina Patko & Associates brings you a long history of successful business coaching as well as business research, analysis and knowledge of trends.

Make your ideas happen

All great visions start as grand aspirations. With business coaching and support you can achieve those ambitious targets. The fundamentals of our coaching are to implement your objectives and build strategies that reach goals now and in the future. Got a project on ice? Move toward effective strategies and realistic timelines to make it a reality.

Manage your public image

Managing the perception of your organization is about elevating successes and highlighting your community work. By investing in business consultants with public image expertise you’ll be the master of these perceptions, at once leaving a carefully crafted impression while building name recognition.

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